Phones are essential these days. They keep track of your life, allows you to communicate freely, and keep you entertained. But let’s not forget, phones cost heaps amount of money too. Our mobile phones are valuable as well as fragile. That’s why it’s so important to keep your phone protected. There are different phone cases for different uses and different occasions. They can do more than just protect your phone; they can serve other purposes as well. Find out which case is better for you, depending on the situation.

Phone Cases For Different Occasions

Protect Your Phone

When your precious phone slips out of your hand and falls. You start grabbing the air trying to catch your phone. Then, your phone hits the floor with the screen facing down. You hold your breath, slowly picking it up while praying for no damages. You turn your phone around and your screen and the LCD screen have cracked into a million pieces. All of this could’ve been avoided if you had just spent a few dollars on a heavy-duty phone case. A phone case like our Carbon Fiber Case. This phone accessory comes in black, coffee and navy. It is available for 7 different Samsung devices. It’s made out of shockproof carbon fibre and silicone that’ll keep your phone well protected in case of another fall.

Fashion Accessory

You’re heading out for a glamourous event. You walk towards your mirror with your phone in hand, making sure nothing is out of place and your outfit is perfect. Then you realize something doesn’t seem right. Your old phone case is scratched up with scuff marks, the colour doesn’t seem right, and it just doesn’t compliment your outfit. The perfect phone accessory for you would be this Diamond Glitter Case. With four colours to choose from, you can mix and match or complement your outfit with no problem. It has its own jewelled pop socket to provide a better grip for photos. The bottom corner of the case also has a cute fluff ball clipped. You don’t have to rummage and pull out everything from your purse to find your phone anymore. This soft silicone case will complete your look and protect your phone.

Hands-Free Convenience

Not much to do today, just tedious errands to run. A quick stop at the local grocery store to restock. You grab your reusable bag, your phone, your keys, and your wallet. Then you grab a cup of coffee on the way, and your hands are already full. A few moments later, the errands are finished and it’s time to return home. That’s when you realize, there’s too much stuff to carry at once. You don’t want to come back out again to grab the rest of the groceries. Now, you’re stuck with a puzzle. “How can I bring everything up all at once?” If this happens way more than you’d like to admit, this shockproof Card Holder Case is just the thing for you. What makes these protective phone cases unique is the hidden credit card case. Slide it open and keep your credit cards and ID cards safe and secure. You don’t have to bring your wallet or purse out for little errands anymore.

Shop At Hard Call

Everyone has at least one cell phone at their disposal in this day and age. Even though they are expensive, they’re crucial for everyday life. They hold sensitive information, good memories, and fun all in one. Besides providing your phone with protection, they can also help complete your look, and free up your hands. Not to mention, they’ll make a great gift for Mother’s Day too. Whether you’re looking for protection, style or convenience, we’ve got the phone accessory for you. Protect your phone with a fashionable and practical case from Hard Call. They have a wide selection of phone cases, phone accessories and phone chargers suitable for a variety of phone models. Find premium products at a competitive price. Protect your phone with ease and shop at Hard Call today!